Tips to care for your skin while working from home

Tips to care for your skin while working from home

Easy ways to give your skin the TLC it deserves 

While lockdown restrictions are gradually easing out across the country, many of us are still working from home, not stepping out of the house too often. Not to forget, the pandemic is not yet behind us. The stress of the virus, worrying about the health of our loved ones, long hours spent in front of screens of different sizes and the lack of social contact have a significant impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. This also extends to our skin. It’s during times like these that you should give your skin some extra TLC. We have some easy tips for you to ensure you don’t neglect your skin, without getting too overwhelmed. 

Drink more water

You’ve probably heard this a lot, but your water intake has a tangible effect on the health of your skin. Add to that staying indoors, wearing masks and being exposed to blue light emitted from your screens, your skin may also feel drier than usual. Hydration is key, and the more water you drink, the clearer your skin will be. Also, don't forget to hydrate your skin topically as well. Find a moisturiser  that suits your skin type and doesn't feel too heavy.The Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream provides intense moisturisation for up to 48 hours, while protecting from environmental stressors 

Move your body

Exercise releases dopamines, also known as happy hormones, and has a direct impact on your skin health. Do some light stretching as soon as you wake up and before hitting the sack at night; dance it out; try a new online workout; or simply run around the house playing with your pet or child. Just get up and get moving. For a quick refresh post your workout, you can spritz on the Dermalogica Multi Active Toner for some quick hydration. Of course, don’t miss out on your complete CTM routine after you’ve cooled down!

Reduce screen time

The blue light emitted by your beloved smart screens, be it the mobile phone or laptop, can seriously damage your skin over time. Try and actively cut down on your screen time by opting for alternative means to pass time, such as reading a book, meditating, tending to your plants or listening to a podcast. And for the time you must spend in front of the screen, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, even if you’re indoors. The Dermalogica Prisma SPF30 is a sunscreen-cum-moisturiser, which protects your skin while boosting its natural luminosity. 

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