• Your Ultimate Summer Beauty Guide!

    Your Ultimate Summer Beauty Guide!
    Summer skin care It's that time of year when midday tea is replaced by lemonade and loose cotton clothing is the only fabric you can wear. The sun is hotter, the air is humid, and you're sweating profusely. It constantly makes you feel tired and exhausted, especially if you aren't hydrated enough. However, that is not the only drawback of summer; breakouts, uneven skin tone, sun spots and tans are all common summer skin issues. The increased humidity and temperature can also contribute to other summer skin issues, such as excess oil and shine, which is...
  • Four tips for Holi hair care and Guide!

    Four tips for Holi hair care and Guide!
    A tad bit of colour, lots of sweets and a splash of water— what is Holi without all the crazy fun? Oh wait - is everything truly so good? What about the hullabaloo around hair damage during these times? To truly appreciate Holi for what it is about, forgetting sorrows and celebrating small joys of life, these products have got your tresses covered. Oil Massage, PHEW! The most basic and well-known hair care tip! When washing the colours, it prevents the colours from reaching the hair shaft and causing hair damage. In addition, it protects your...
  • Five Runway Inspired Hairstyles to Try This Wedding Season

    Five Runway Inspired Hairstyles to Try This Wedding Season
    Fashion Week just recently closed its doors, but the hairstyles that it flaunted on the runway continue to be in trend. We cannot help but be in awe of these hairstyles that look so effortless and gorgeous. As they say, the wedding and festive season is the best time to experiment with your hair and try out new hairstyles we otherwise wouldn't have worn. Whether you're in the mood for the simple half up half down, the textured ponytail, or waterfall braid, these runways inspired bridal hairstyles are exquisite yet doable and simple. Our in-house expert,...

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