How to Choose the Right Lip Color for Your Skin Tone

How to Choose the Right Lip Color for Your Skin Tone

The right lip colour can instantly transform your appearance from regular to bold. But how do you pick the right colour, one that’s perfect for you? There are so many different lipstick undertones, consistencies, and finishes that your makeup hunt may appear more like a mission than a fun outing. But this doesn't have to be intimidating. Our expert, Anupma Katyal, National Creative Director, Makeup, Lakmé Salon, reveals how you can select the right shade to suit your skin tone.

Identify Your Skin Undertone

For starters, you must first determine your skin's undertone. Most people come in one of two categories: cool or warm. If you're having difficulties figuring out what your undertone is, it's possible that you're neutral (a mix of both warm and cool). Opt for hues that match your undertone for best results. If you have a yellow undertone, go for warmer hues, and for those with pink undertones, go for lip tints with purple or blue tones. Those with neutral undertones can pull off almost any colour.

The choice of lip colour is also dependent on other factors like the colour of your eye shadow, the kind of makeup you choose and your outfit details. But we have to admit that your lip colour can definitely make or break your look.

Warm Undertones

If your complexion has a yellow, golden, green, or olive tone, you're warm-toned. But how do you identify this? If the veins in your wrist seem green (rather than blue), or you tan easily, you have a warm undertone.

Expert recommended shades:

This is a no-brainer. Lip colours in warm tones are the finest lipsticks for warm undertones. Think reds like

Lakmé Enrich Lip Crayon Berry Red,

Lakmé Forever Liquid Matte Lip Color Red Wine, Red Cherry,

Cushion matte lipsticks in red like the

Plum Obsession

or the

Lakmé Cushion Matte Lipstick Red Wine.

Go for bold oranges like

Lakmé Forever Liquid Matte Lip Color, Coral Sense

or for browns, one ideal shade would be

Lakmé Enrich Lip Crayon, Cinnamon Brown.

If you’d rather opt for, then a rule of thumb is to match your lipstick hue to your skin tone. If your complexion is light, use a lighter nude; if your skin is darker, choose a richer nude. Some of the best shades are

Lakmé Forever Liquid Matte Lip Color Nude Dream, Nude Twist, Nude Hue


Nude Latte.

Cool Undertones

If your skin has a pink, red, or bluish tinge to it, you have a cool-toned. If you’re cool-toned, the veins in your wrist will seem blue or your skin may burn easily in the sun, before acquiring a tan.

Expert recommended shades:

Blue or purple colours are some of the top lipsticks for cool undertones. For example, when going for a red lip, veer more toward deep bluish-reds like

Lakmé Forever Matte Liquid Lip Color Red Revival, Red Carpet


Crimson Rose.

For nude lips, choose a pink shade that will enhance your natural flushes like the

Lakmé Cushion Matte Lipstick Pink Prom, Pink Ruby,

Pink Peach, Pink Punch, Pink Ballet or the Pink Trip or you can also opt for mauve shades for a more subtle look. An ideal pick would be a

Mauve Fling, Mauve Ecstasy, Mauve Party


Mauve Magic.

Neutral Undertone

If you have a balance of pink and yellow in the base of your skin, you are neutral. Luckily, a wide colour palette is complementary to this undertone.

Expert recommended shades: It's a free-for-all—anything from light nudes like a Lakmé Forever Matte Liquid Lip Color Nude Dream,Nude Twist or Nude Latte will only add to your already existing glow. Deep wines will also look good; in fact,Lakmé Forever Matte Liquid Lip Color Wine Touch  is the most suitable fit. Lastly, choose the lip colour you're most comfortable with. If shades of the coral evoke confidence in you but don't adhere to "rules and regs," just go ahead and rock it.

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