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  • How to prevent maskne

    How to prevent maskne
    Easy tips to treat and help prevent mask acne Face masks have become an integral and important part of our wardrobe and accessories. Not only does it protect us, but it also protects those around us. It’s imperative that you wear your mask every time you step out for essentials. In fact, it is now recommended that you double mask before stepping out of the house. While masking is crucial, wearing it regularly, especially in the hot and humid Indian tropical climate, can adversely affect the skin. Mask acne or Maskne has become a common skin...
  • How to deal with the effects of stress on your skin

    How to deal with the effects of stress on your skin
    The stress of a pandemic and significant lifestyle changes can affect your skin in many ways, some apparent and some that are slow to show up.  Even though you’re staying home and staying safe, your skin is still exposed to environmental assailants and needs a customised routine to ensure it remains healthy and glowing. Here’s an easy skin care routine to start for stress-free skin
  • Top 5 ways to boost hair growth

    Top 5 ways to boost hair growth
    Effective ways to help boost hair growth and healthYour hair is called your crowning glory for a reason and many of us spend a lot of time making it look and feel good -- rightfully so. Hair growth and hair health are dependent on multiple factors, both internal and external. Hair grows from the root at the bottom of the hair follicle in your scalp. Losing 50-100 strands of hair a day is perfectly normal. It’s only when it becomes significantly more than that should you worry. While there is no magic potion or product that...
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