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  • Best face washes for different skin types

    Best face washes for different skin types
    The first step to choosing the right face wash is understanding your skin type Why Is Face Wash Important? Cleansing is a basic yet essential step in your skin care routine and choosing the right face wash or cleanser depends on multiple factors, starting with your skin type. Once you know your skin type and texture, such as oily, dry, combination or sensitive, you can look for ingredients that suit it that address your specific skin concerns. What Does a Face Wash Do? A face wash essentially cleanses your skin of dirt, sweat, bacteria, excess sebum,...
  • How to choose the perfect foundation

    How to choose the perfect foundation
    It’s a Match! Tips and tricks to help you choose the right one It’s all about the base, isn’t it? One of the secrets to having the perfect makeup look is having the perfect base. Much like many things in life, having a solid foundation is crucial, and this holds true for your makeup foundation as well. Finding your perfect foundation match is challenging, but not impossible, and we’ve got Anupma Katyal, National Creative Director - Makeup, Lakmé Salon, to give you some tips and tricks to help you find the right one. Identify your skin...
  • Post-Workout Hair Care Tips

    Post-Workout Hair Care Tips
    Fight sweaty hair even while you sweat it out with these expert tips If you’re someone who works out regularly, firstly, we’re so proud of you. But we also know you could use some help in the post-workout hair care department. Working out regularly leaves your scalp sweaty and your strands oily. Does this mean you should ditch your workout? Absolutely not! We have some easy hair care tips and hacks, courtesy our experts, Aleisha Keswani, Head of Education, TIGI Copyright Care and Audrey Dsouza, Head of Styling, TIGI Bed Head, that will keep those locks...
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