Top 5 ways to boost hair growth

Top 5 ways to boost hair growth
Effective ways to help boost hair growth and health

Your hair is called your crowning glory for a reason and many of us spend a lot of time making it look and feel good -- rightfully so. Hair growth and hair health are dependent on multiple factors, both internal and external. Hair grows from the root at the bottom of the hair follicle in your scalp. Losing 50-100 strands of hair a day is perfectly normal. It’s only when it becomes significantly more than that should you worry. 

While there is no magic potion or product that can promote hair growth overnight, there are certain measures you can take to firstly, arrest hair fall, and second, aid healthy hair growth. Here we look at the top five ways to boost hair growth.

Control stress
You’ve probably heard this oh-so many times, but stress really does affect the way our minds and bodies function, in multiple ways. The cortisol hormone that is produced when your stress levels are elevated blocks the cell repair process and therefore adversely affects hair growth. Lower stress levels equals happy hair.

Oil massage
There's a reason your mom would insist on doing champi every week. Contrary to popular belief, while the oil itself does nothing to boost hair growth, the massage stimulates the roots of your hair strands and activates blood circulation in your scalp. This, in turn, helps boost healthy and natural hair growth. Some oils that are suitable for various hair types and concerns are the TIGI Copyright Colour Lustre Oil, Moroccanoil Treatment Oil and the Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Barbary Fig Finishing Oil. You can also opt for a more relaxing experience by heading to your nearest Lakme Salon and getting one of our signature oil massage treatments, such as the Olive Oil, Almost Oil, Ayurvedic Oil or Moroccan Oil Massage.

Nourish your roots
Just like your body and your skin, your scalp and hair need regular nourishing as well. Keratin and protein are known to boost hair growth and health, so opt for a serum or conditioner that contains amino acid protein that can do the trick. The Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Scalp Genesis Treatment Root Activating Serum is a good pick as it promotes increased cell division and stimulates cell production to support the vitality of the hair. Use the Schwarzkopf BC Scalp Genesis Root Activating shampoo before the serum for best results.

In-salon treatment
Sometimes, you have to leave it to the professionals to work their expert magic. If you’re looking to give your hair a healthy boost, visit your nearest Lakme Salon for an Essential Hair Fall treatment which will not only control any hair fall you may be experiencing, but will also promote healthy hair growth.

Exercise and diet
Keeping a healthy body is imperative to maintain healthy hair as well. Leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy foods are bound to adversely impact the health and growth of your hair. Regular exercise, even 30 minutes a day, can help boost the flow of oxygen to your scalp, leading to increased hair growth. Including foods that are rich in Vitamins A, B, C, E, iron and protein such as eggs, fish, paneer, nuts (almonds, walnuts) seeds, and leafy vegetables can make your hair, mind and body a healthier, happier place. 

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