The Ultimate Guide To Taking Care Of Your Beard The Right Way

The Ultimate Guide To Taking Care Of Your Beard The Right Way

Who doesn't want a great looking beard? But believe it or not, you can’t have a great looking beard without a proper beard care routine. It's one thing to grow a beard, that is something that any guy (well, most guys) can do. However, maintaining a healthy, manageable and clean beard requires consistent care. Here are beard care tricks to help keep your facial hair looking photoshoot worthy.

Cleanse Your Beard

Begin by massaging the shampoo into your skin and beard in circular strokes. Cleansing aids in the removal of debris, oil, pollutants, and dead skin cells from the beard and skin. We recommend the Bombay Shaving Company Beard Shampoo And Conditioner, which not only cleanses dirt, but also conditions the beard. It clears up clogged hair follicles and nourishes the roots. Rinse the shampoo away with warm water and pat dry with a soft cotton towel.

Oiling Is Essential

Beard oil is a holy grail in your beard care routine. It hydrates the skin, helps in hair growth and softens and tames beard hair. It's best to use a lightweight oil that isn't sticky or heavy.

The Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil is a lightweight oil that nourishes your hair and can be used both day and night. The non-sticky, non-greasy composition stimulates hair growth while keeping your beard healthy and strong. Use three to four drops of oil for short beards, six to seven drops for medium length beards, and eight to 10 drops for long beards. Spread the oil evenly over your palms and use your fingers to gently massage it into your beard and skin. Use a beard comb or beard brush to apply the oil evenly and easily. And yes, for the best results, leave the oil overnight.

Don’t Skip A Beard Balm

Another essential product in your beard care routine is a beard balm. It smoothens and softens the hair and can also be used as a styling product. The rich, calming Bombay Shaving Company Beard Softener gives shape, texture and softness to the beard and skin, while also smoothening and softening it. Wow, that's a lot packed into one product. It is excellent for transforming dry, unruly beards into soft, manageable ones and also provides protection from heat and damage. For optimal results, use the beard balm immediately after showering.

Beard Brush To Keep The Style Intact

We propose that you use a special beard brush instead of your usual hair comb to groom your beard. Most beard brushes have unique bristles that are soft while still removing dirt and filth. Beard brushes also aid in training the hair to grow in the proper direction and in style. 

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